We are often asked by our customers if they should replace their conventional heat-only boiler with a combi boiler. The fact is there are many advantages and disadvantages for using both types of system. 
One of the big advantages for installing a combi boiler is that you can do away with your existing hot water cylinder and cold-water storage tanks and this will obviously free up a lot more space. This is particularly useful in smaller houses and flats where space is limited. Imagine suddenly being able to use your existing airing cupboard for additional storage space. Combi boilers are more compact and can fit into smaller spaces, like a kitchen cupboard. 
Combi boilers are highly efficient, so switching from a conventional boiler to a combi boiler could save you money on your heating bills. Remember that unused hot water in a conventional storage system cools down and the energy used to heat it up is wasted. 

We are experienced in the installation of all popular makes of boiler, including;  Worcester, Vaillant, ideal, Baxi, Gloworm and many more. 

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A combi boiler provides instant hot water, no more having to wait for your existing water cylinder to heat up. This is a huge benefit for busy households when several showers or baths are required in the morning in close succession. 
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Combi boilers are suitable if you have relatively small hot water demand. If you require hot water feeds in multiple outlets at the same time, say that you want to run two or more showers at the same time in the morning, then a combi boiler wouldn’t be suitable. In this case a regular or system boiler is probably the best choice. 
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A disadvantage on the other hand is if a combi boiler breaks down you will have no stored hot water whilst waiting to get the boiler fixed. 
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Having a new boiler installed gives you the opportunity to decide where you want it to be located. You can of course keep it in the same place as your old system or you may prefer to have it relocated. Our engineer will be happy to discuss your options with you. 
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Please be aware that combi boilers only work properly when the mains water pressure is good. We would always recommend that you get your water pressure tested before installing a new combi boiler. 
Please feel free to get in touch and arrange your free no obligation survey and quotation. 
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