When considering if you need to replace your existing fuse box, it’s worth knowing that it does not necessarily need replacing simply because it has rewireable fuses, cartridge fuses or older-type circuit breakers, as these devices will provide a basic level of protection. Similarly, there is no legal requirement that calls for an existing fuse box to be upgraded to current standards. 
However, there are situations where a new fuse box should be installed. As part of a refurbishment where new circuits are required and connecting to the existing unit may not be satisfactory to meet current electrical standards. A new fuse box may also be needed if there is no spare capacity in the existing unit to connect the new circuits. It may be that replacing the existing consumer unit has been recommended following a periodic electrical inspection, or it could be that the existing unit has been damaged. 

Are you worried about your old fuse-box or consumer unit? Please feel free to get in touch and our engineers can discuss any issues you might have. If a new unit is required, installation prices start from only £495.00 

RCD fuse box

Which Consumer Unit is right for my property? 

There are many different types of consumer unit designed for different applications and locations. 
Our benchmark consumer unit for domestic applications is the HAGER Metal Clad RCD Consumer Unit. There are many configurations available offering different levels of protection depending on your requirements. Please feel free to give us a call, our engineer will be happy to explain the various options. 
We always recommend that you have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) carried out before replacing an existing consumer unit as this will help us to establish if the requirements of the current wiring regulations have been met to allow the new consumer unit installation to take place. Any faults or defects will be highlighted at this stage, allowing for remedial works to be planned and carried out as part of the consumer unit replacement. 
18th Edition Fire Rated Consumer Units Installed from £495.00 
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